Chemical Products

The range of chemical products was part of the original company portfolio when it was founded in 1928 as the Carl Berghöfer Company. We therefore have extensive experience in this field. As a result we offer our customers optimal support and service in the supply of the following chemical products.

We buy all correctly sorted stamping waste and solid scrap (also with enhanced surfaces)!

We purchase sorted customer stamping scrap and waste strip in both unplated and plated finishes.


Special adhesives for bonding many rubber and metal qualities. (As a contract partner to LORD, we have access to their entire product range.)

General cleaners for machinery and facilities

P3-Glin – all-purpose cleaner for machinery, sanitary facilities, floors, vehicles, etc., oil and grease dissolving, for manual or high pressure use.

P3-Grato – for more stubborn soiling, likewise oil and grease dissolving, for manual or high pressure use.

Degreasers for all metals and alloys

P3-Almeco – specifically for degreasing, pickling, and cleaning aluminium. There is a wide range of products available, suitable for dip degreasing and spray equipment.

P3-Galvaclean – for all metals and alloys. For dip or spray degreasing and cleaning. Available in liquid or powdered form.


A wide range of anti-foaming agents.

Anti-rust and passivating agents

P3-Neutrapon – biodegradable neutral detergents with excellent cleaning effects, suitable for most metals and alloys.


P3-Prevox – anti-rust and passivating agents suitable for dipping and spraying.

Cooling lubricants

P3-Multan – cooling lubricants for metalworking processes like drilling, turning, sawing, thread cutting, and grinding. This product group also includes their disinfectants and cleaning agents for all equipment.

Surface grinding agents

Range of compounds for surface grinding, deburring, and polishing all kinds of metals with simultaneous rust protection. Available in liquid or powdered form.

Hand cleaning products

P3-Manuvo – for particularly stubborn, oily, and greasy dirt with skin protection and without solvents.

Hand cleaning products – available in liquid, solid, or pasty form for any purpose.


Cold cleaners

A range of variants from the P3 series; based on white spirits for particularly stubborn soiling with oil, tar, wax, etc.

Oil binders

Available in a range of granule sizes embedded in cloths of various measurements.

Needle and soft soaps

e.g. vegetable-based VERNA needle soap.


Industrial adhesives – a wide range for all possible applications.

Metallon adhesives – for bonding metals, one- and two-component.

Adhesives – a wide range for general applications.