Metal prices

We maintain a very close view over the various daily global metal markets. This enables our customers to receive timely and important information on any movements in the markets.

We purchase many types of metal stamping scrap and profiles both in unplated and plated finishes. We would be pleased to give you a quotation.

Current market prices as of 2021/28/01 (prices quoted are for information only)

Metal/alloy Value
Copper (metal quotation) 758,12 EUR/100 kg
Brass CuZn15 710,00 EUR/100 kg
Brass CuZn30 642,00 EUR/100 kg
Brass CuZn37 607,00 EUR/100 kg
Bronze CuSn6 878,00 EUR/100 kg
Bronze CuSn8 911,00 EUR/100 kg
Aluminium cash 2003,50 USD/1000 kg
Aluminium 3 month 2003,50 USD/1000 kg
Stainless steel 1.4301 (AS)* 1594,00 EUR/1000 kg
Stainless steel 1.4310 (precision AS)* 1780,00 EUR/1000 kg
* Alloy surcharges (AS) for stainless steel are published monthly.
The alloy surcharges applying in the month of delivery apply.